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Supervisor, Developer III (3450)

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TitleSupervisor, Developer III
Posting ID3450

Job Summary


Applies system solutions to advancedlevelbusiness problems through the design and programming of automated systems. Configures, analyzes, designs, develops, and maintains program codes and applications to support advanced level business processes and functions. Works on advancedlevelelements of large, complex installations. Performs advanced level aspects of programming assignments and assists with systems design. Performs advanced level systems analysis techniques, testing, debugging, file design and storage.


Essential Functions


1. Develops, documents, tests, implements, and maintains expert level software solutions to ensure security, integrity, performance, and adherence to business requirements.
2. Performs full lifecycle development, including design, coding, testing and deployments, and software documentation as part of a team of developers.
3. Integrates client server solutions with the district ERP (SAP), Data Warehouse (SAS), and/or SIS (Focus) systems and other applications used by the district.
4. Assists the business community with requirements gathering and design of solutions through the use of internal and external tools.
5. Utilizes a problem management tool to track open tickets, follow up to resolution and closure, and execute special projects.
6. Ensures the highest levels of stability, integrity, reliability, security, and availability of the product within the application environment consistent with the established change control policies and prescribed procedures.
7. Mentors other developers in client-server development best practices including SSIS and stored procedures.
8. Performs other duties as assigned.




Education:  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or related field, from an accredited college or university, preferred, or equivalent work experience.


Experience:  Seven (7) years experience in design and development of software solutions of medium to high complexity.  Experience in requirements gathering, functional testing, and technical documentation.


Certifications & Licenses:  Microsoft Development Certification preferred. 


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


•Advanced level knowledge in programming languages and tools appropriate to the specific job (VB .net, C#, VSS, TFS, SharePoint, VS2010, VS2012)
•Advancedlevel knowledge of technology and application development methodologies
•Advancedlevelknowledge in software and information lifecycle process
•Advancedlevel knowledge of the role of a systems analyst in relation to other lifecycle components
•Advancedlevelknowledge of data systems•Advancedlevel knowledge ofrelational databases and client server concepts
•Knowledge of information systems installation, programming, analysis and design principles, and practices, procedures, and techniques
•Knowledge of data processing systems analysis and programming principles,practices and techniques
•Knowledge of relational databases and client server concepts
•Knowledge of technical interoperability
•Knowledge of business analysis processes
•Strong change management skills
•Strong word processing, email and calendar tool, spreadsheet, project management, diagramming, database, and presentation software skills
•Strong critical thinking and analysis skills
•Strong organizational skills
•Strong oral, written, and interpersonal skills
•Strong creative problem solving skills
•Advancedlevelrequirement gathering skills
•Advancedlevelprocess documentation skills
•Advancedleveltesting and quality assurance skills
•Advancedleveltraining development and delivery skills
•Advancedlevelanalytical and diagnostic skills
•Ability to analyze organizational objectives, methods and management
•Ability to identify changes in business practices and requirements for technology applications
•Ability to analyze business requirements 
•Ability to work with existing and new technology
•Ability to challenge assumptions
•Ability to facilitate meetings
•Ability to design and improve business processes
•Ability to develop, and maintain programs, tables, info types, and procedures
•Ability to develop, test, document, configure and implement approved subsystems, products and databases
•Ability to prepare and maintain appropriate technical and user documentation
•Ability to resolve operating problems
•Ability toprovide technical assistance and training to users
•Ability to recommend, and implement continuous improvement processes
•Ability to work with people of different cultures and levels of business organization
•Ability to work well in a team environment
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$60,000.00 - $90,000.00 / Per Year

Applications Accepted

Start Date07/19/2021
End Date08/16/2021