Job Summary:


Under the supervision of an ESE classroom teacher, the Instructional Paraprofessional (ESOL) is assigned for at least 80% of the workday the responsibility for assisting classroom teachers with instruction and the maintenance of discipline and childcare needs. General requirements of this position would be that the Instructional Paraprofessional (ESOL) would be able to provide assistance in all of the areas indicated as appropriate for the Instructional Paraprofessional (ESOL) as adapted to the complex and individualized areas required for students with special needs. Other responsibilities such as additional related classroom clerical duties, cafeteria duty, etc. may be assigned for a minor portion of the workday by the site administrator/designee.


Essential Functions:


In the classroom, introduce and monitor group instructional activities

Monitor student-testing situations

Assistance with note taking

Continuous planned prompting of students to initiate, maintain, and complete learning activities

Provide individualized communication assistance including interpretive/translation services(ESOL), and communication board


Minimum Qualifications:


High School diploma and meet Highly Qualified requirements.